Broken Hertz

by Bobbys Beard

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released August 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Bobbys Beard England, UK

Album cover and page artwork by Alicia Silvester

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Track Name: The Division
in one visionary swarm, artistes are average at best 
and the division is tiresome in a twist that thinks it's a machine
i walked in a valley where the blood ran cold
violence and peace and disease poisoned the world in eternal sleep
hungry for inspiration in a nightmare,
i believed in one visionary swarm
it's a warning eternal from sleep 
abandoned in a tragedy
inspiration is delirious
i told stories from a dream that i was afraid to sleep
the violence worshipped a beast that was ancient and complete
in a mirage of this life, it starts to grieve
i think artists in the 21st century are disinterested in the human condition
and more interested in naturally occurring events
this is why i do not paint people
and this is why i am more preoccupied with the landscape around us
i enjoy returning to the same scenery over and over again,
like monet and his haystacks or van gogh with his sunflowers
it is a beautiful obsession
how could you deny an artist this luxury to be expressive and allow accidents to happen
Track Name: Heather
a courtesan to the plan, the pressure was on her
and aroused, it made you pay at night
the piper phrases breath life into us, but you listen anyway
i try to tell myself you're no good for me
i try to think of other things
when a paper face is glistening, it's always only time before she wings
a winding road doesn't show beyond what the eye can see
the mind plays tricks
it's true, i wish i'd never caught your smiling eyes
i never found the sun in you
i try to think that you're not worth it
and i won't feel surprised when i mess up
when a paper face is glistening, you know it's only time before she wings
Track Name: Kerosene
you weren't prepared for the kerosene
now you'll let it drown
the paper face told you in a dream
you may never come back down
liberty makes you wander
i won't let you down
kerosene tames the thunder, when you're not around
choose where to go what you want to see
now you'll change your mind
you try to be what you cannot see
but you always take your time
liberty makes you wander
i won't let you die
kerosene tames the thunder
now you're not around
Track Name: Tangerine
black yen again you got the best of me
resist persisting unimpatiently
your smile is carefully behind the sun
hold me underwater 'til the colours run
poor me yeah
poorly no
poor me now
poorly no
black yen again you got me waiting turns
i need you so much that my stomach churns
your smile is careful to invite the sun
hold me underwater 'til the damage done
tangerine, tangerine, tangerine........
Track Name: Neon Angel
neon angel lost in my madness
miss me when i'm gone
everlasting lost in insanity
nothing right is wrong
neon angel lost in the madness
wish me when i'm gone
everlasting lost in insanity
where do we go wrong?